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Health Insights Singapore (hiSG) in GUSTO Women and Children

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About hiSG in GUSTO Women and Children

Imagine a future where a personal digital health assistant understands your mind, body and nutritional needs and generates lifestyle recommendations based on data provided by YOU and other fellow Singaporeans.

This is just one of the many exciting possibilities that could be realised with Health Insights Singapore, or hiSG.

hiSG in GUSTO Women and Children is a study which seeks to better understand the health behaviours and lifestyles of mothers and children in Singapore through wearable technology. This study gives you the option of participating with a shorter commitment period of 6 months with an option to extend your participation up to 2 years.

It monitors participants throughout the study period and collects lifestyle and behavioural data across various health topics such as physical activity, nutrition and mental wellbeing. The data will be used by HPB to examine associations across health behaviours and eventually develop programmes powered by artificial intelligence engines for our population. This will in turn contribute to the development of health promotion policies and programmes.

All mothers and children participating in this study will each be armed with a wearable device – a Fitbit Luxe health tracker, which collects user data such as physical activity and sleep patterns. The more we learn about you and your child, the more successful our research will be, so you and your child are encouraged to wear the device as often as possible, answer questionnaires and log your meals on the hiSG mobile app.

What’s in it for me and my child?

Rewards await all study participants! In addition to the free health insights, both you and your child will get to keep the wearable devices. You and your child will each also earn HPB Healthpoints by using the study device, completing questionnaires and recording meal logs. These Healthpoints can be combined with the points gained from other HPB programmes to redeem shopping and dining vouchers, as well as EZ-link top-ups.

Do note that your participation in HPB programmes and/or GUSTO study will not be affected should you not wish to participate in this study.

What do I need to do?

Join us in this health revolution! Our requirement is simple: just go about life as you and your child normally do for 24 months. Register your interest now in the link below!

Terms and Conditions


You and your child will be eligible to participate in the study if both of you are:

  • Participating in the GUSTO study
  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents

The study device, a Fitbit Luxe health tracker, is an integral tool of this study and it needs to be synced to your personal smartphone with:

  • A Singapore-registered (+65) mobile number
  • iOS 15.0 or Android 10 and above
Please note that this study requires the participation of both mother and child who are currently participating in the GUSTO study. Your participation in the study will be in the study for 24 months (6-month committed period + 18-month optional period)

Commitment required of participants

In order to ensure sufficient data is collected, all participating mothers and children will need to meet the following minimum requirements of use.

During the 6-month committed period, participants will need to meet the following minimum study requirements as stated below:

Activity Requirement  Minimum requirements of use

Wearing of study device


At least 8 hours a day on at least 10 days (comprising at least 7 weekdays and 3 weekends)

Wearing of study device to sleep


At least 2 weekdays (Sun – Thurs nights) and 2 weekends (Fri - Sat nights)

Meal logging


All meals a day on at least 3 days (comprising 2 weekdays and 1 weekend).

If you and/or your child do not meet any of these requirements during the 6 months committed study period, you shall be considered to have voluntarily withdrawn from it.

During the 18-month optional period, there are no study requirements. However, if you and your child meet the minimum study requirements stated above, you will receive milestone rewards.

Withdrawal from the programme

You and your child may withdraw from the study at any point. Your withdrawal from this study will not affect your participation in the GUSTO study.

Should you and your child withdraw before the end of the 6-month committed study period, a $20 administrative fee will be incurred. Additionally, you can choose to return the study device in its original working condition or keep the device for personal use at a fee.

No fees or charges will be incurred if you withdraw from the studyduring the 18-month optional period.

For more information on the Terms and Conditions of the study, please click here.


Register your interest now!

If you are keen to be a part of hiSG, you may register your interest now!


Please note that registration of your interest in the study does not guarantee participation in the study.

What happens next?

  1. Selection of participants

    We will need to verify that you and your child are participants of the GUSTO study and meet the study’s eligibility criteria. 

  2. Notification of successful participants

    Successful participants will be notified via email and/or mobile number provided during registration by 31 December 2024. Instructions for the onboarding process will also be provided during notification.

  3. Onboarding of participants

    Participating mothers and children will need to attend an onboarding session in person to provide their informed consent to commence participation in the study. They will then collect the hiSG starter-kit, which comprises the study device and accessories before completing health and lifestyle surveys on the hiSG mobile app.

Support and FAQs

To learn more about hiSG in GUSTO Women and Children, please read the FAQs here.


If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact HPB’s support line at 6435 4008 or email us at

We look forward to having you and your child onboard our quest to revolutionise Singapore’s health promotion landscape!