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Staying Healthy As a Family in Taman Jurong

  1. Taman Jurong Active Aging Committee (AAC); Taman Jurong Family Life Champion (FLC); and Taman Jurong Community Emergency and Engagement (C2E) Committee will be holding the Family Wellness cum Emergency Preparedness Day, on Saturday, 5 January 2013 at Taman Jurong CC, from 8.00am to 1.00pm. Advisor to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam will be gracing the event at 11.30am.
  2. The Family Wellness Day is a collaborative effort by the Grassroots Organisation and our Community Partners – namely Jurong Town Council (JrTC); Health Promotion Board (HPB); Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF); Singapore Police Force (SPF); National Environment Agency (NEA); Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA); Masjid Assyakirin Mosque; and Singapore Customs.
  3. In line with its vision of promoting health and empowering residents to stay healthy as a family, the Taman Jurong Grassroots Organisations, in partnership with the Health Promotion Board, will launch a new multi-generational health promotion programme – “Staying Healthy Together as a Family” – for the residents. Supportive families are pivotal conduits through which healthy lifestyles can be imbued and sustained. With eight in ten (82.9%) resident households comprising a family nucleus of at least 2 generations, this multi-generational initiative aims to raise the health literacy and opportunity for intergenerational bonding within the family through engaging healthy lifestyle activities.
  4. About 11% of preschoolers are overweight. To nurture healthy habits from young, HPB’s Healthy Lifestyle Centre (HLC) at Taman Jurong’s Zone “B” RC Corner will be the first to pilot programmes to empower parents and caregivers of children to inculcate healthy dietary habits and promote regular physical activity among the young so that they enjoy a healthy head start in life.
  5. HPB is also introducing a mobile bus ‘Health on Wheels’ specially catered for children and their parents. The bus has been developed to raise awareness on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle through simple, interactive and engaging activities. It includes six health zones, namely Myopia, Physical Activity, Mental Health, Nutrition, Hygiene and Oral Health.
  6. Mr Ang Hak Seng, Chief Executive Officer, HPB said, “Nine in 10 (91%) Singaporeans regarded family to be the most important aspect in their lives and most (89%) felt that they could turn to their families for support. Bearing this in mind, we have brought together a multi-generational health promotion programme for residents in Taman Jurong. As part of the programme, the new ‘Health On Wheels’ bus will provide children, parents and caregivers with healthy lifestyle tips through interactive and engaging activities. There will be four buses to reach all preschools, primary schools and constituencies by 2015. We are also expanding the services of the Healthy Lifestyle Centre to cater to the health needs of children as well as seniors. In so doing, all family members across the generations will enjoy greater convenience and accessibility to healthy lifestyle activities.”
  7. Community functional screening and on-site follow-up is available for seniors at Taman Jurong’s event as well. In addition, influenza immunisation will be provided by Sanofi, HPB and the Taman Jurong Constituency Office for seniors aged 65 years and above. Such strong public-people-private sector partnerships characterise many of such health promoting initiatives.
  8. A new Community Health Promotion Toolkit will also be distributed to all community stakeholders across constituencies to guide them in planning and developing health promotion initiatives for residents of all ages.
  9. The day’s programme also includes other activities related to emergency preparedness. There are hundreds of fires in HDB common areas like void decks, corridors, lift lobbies and staircases involving discarded items every year. Obstructions to common corridors and fire fighting equipment like dry risers and hose reels can seriously hamper fire fighting efforts and smooth evacuation in a fire emergency, hence endangering our lives. With strong support from Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), we wish to reiterate the importance of Emergency Preparedness. Exhibition booths and workshops on simple fire fighting and CPR aim to educate residents on how to handle fire emergencies and possibly avoid them from happening altogether.
  10. “The Family Wellness cum Emergency Preparedness Day is part of our continuous efforts to raise awareness of healthy living and emergency preparedness among residents. It also provides an opportunity for the family members to be involved, bond, and gain knowledge such as nutrition, diet, exercise and life saving skills like CPR,” said Project Chairman, Mr Roland Choo, Chairman of FLC.