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How to Sign Up as a HPB Participating Partner Merchant

Be a Participating Partner Merchant (PPM) on the HPB Rewards Programme and be part of a healthy lifestyle ecosystem!

The HPB Rewards Programme rewards Singaporeans for maintaining a healthy lifestyle by being active members on Healthy 365 mobile applications. Users of Healthy 365 app will be able to earn Healthpoints and redeem for their favourite Rewards throughout the year.

Merchants are encouraged to be part of this healthy lifestyle eco-system by joining the Rewards Programme as a PPM and accepting HPB eVouchers at their stores or online platform. Reach out to our participants throughout the year, and encourage them to continue adopting a healthy lifestyle as they use HPB eVouchers to offset their purchases at your stores or online platform. 

Application to be a PPM is easy with no hidden administrative costs. Monthly reconciliation is timely and fuss-free, with easy access to online reports whenever required.

We look forward to having you on board HPB Rewards Programme, simply send in your registration through!