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At HPB, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to connect with other organisations to promote health. While we constantly advocate healthy living, we cannot influence the adoption of healthy activities alone. We work actively with a variety of industry partners to influence the environment and the marketplace to provide healthier opportunities for Singaporeans. Together, we co-create programmes, influence infrastructure and help companies in their campaigns to empower individuals to make healthier choices at home and when they are outside.

We encourage new partners to come on board and participate in our programmes to forge mutually sustainable partnerships that are long-lasting and beneficial for the society, our partners and our mission.

Join us in achieving our vision of building a nation of healthy people!

Drop us an email at for collaboration opportunities, or browse through the section below for ideas on how your company can work with us.

Recent collaborations

Healthier Food Partners

We partner with dining outlets, food manufacturers, beverage companies and retailers such as supermarkets to adopt healthier food and drink options. These include partners under our Healthier Dining Programme and partners whose products feature our Healthier Choice Symbol. Together with our partners, we help the public understand that there is a large variety of healthier food and drinks readily available and within reach, be it through the ingredients they buy from supermarkets or meals they purchase outside. Through our partnerships, Singaporeans are empowered to make healthier choices both at home and when they eat out.


Under the Healthier Dining Programme, we have over 290 partners and 2,400 touchpoints. We provide value to our partners in many ways, such as working together for our national marketing campaigns to promote the healthier food and beverages that our partners offer.

Sodium Reduction Partnership

Lower Sodium Logo
Consuming excessive sodium can contribute to the increased risk of hypertension, also known as high blood pressure which is further associated with higher risks of cardiovascular complications such as stroke and heart attack. Singaporeans are consuming too much salt and HPB welcomes partners to come onboard our journey in this sodium reduction drive to help Singaporeans reduce their sodium intake by about 15 per cent over the next five years.

Physical Activity Partnerships

More than 60 like-minded businesses across fitness, lifestyle-retail, food, and with other government agencies came onboard our National Steps Challenge™ since 2015, to encourage Singaporeans to be more physically active everyday.

Through these partnerships, we have worked with commercial brands to bring about physical health promotion in fun and engaging ways for our participants.

True Fitness Hour at Zentosa Fest and Wellness Festival Singapore
As part of the inaugural edition of Singapore Tourism Board’s Wellness Festival Singapore in June 2022, we partnered with True Fitness to infuse a strong fitness element to the lifestyle activities at the first-ever Zentosa Fest by Sentosa. The collaboration attracted more than 900 participants over 2 weeks for the group fitness workouts by the beach.

True Fitness YogaPhoto Credits: Sentosa

We work with venue partners to offer greater accessibility to our more than 15,000* sessions of free “MOVE IT” physical activity programmes island-wide at over 480 locations* in their neighbourhood. 

Quick HIIT as part of NS Fitness Improvement Training
We also collaborate with various stakeholders such as Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) under the NS Fitness Improvement Training (NS FIT) Programme to make available workout options such as Quick HIIT to allow greater flexibility for NSmen to stay active.

Dissemination of the Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines
Aimed to help Singaporeans meet the refreshed Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines (SPAG), these programmes vary in intensity levels and activate fitness components that are essential for different age groups to derive health benefits from physical activity. SPAG provides recommendations to empower individuals to stay active, reduce sedentary behaviour and build strength, balance and flexibility. In the spirit of bringing quality health promotion efforts to everyone’s doorstep, we encourage commercial fitness and exercise businesses to incorporate the guidelines as part of your programme offerings to bring alive active living.

SPAG Thumbnail
*Figures updated as of Dec 2022

Get in touch 

Interested to be part of the journey to adopt the Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines or sodium reduction drive or to initiate health promoting initiatives to help Singaporeans kickstart their first steps to healthy living? 

Contact us at Please provide us with your company name, company description, and potential areas you would like to collaborate in.