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Nur Baeyah Roslin - Student Health Advisor, Nursing and Clinical Standards

I'm glad to see my students making lifestyle modifications and efforts to improve their lives. Together with the support from my colleagues and supervisors in HPB, I feel more motivated to perform my role as a Student Health Advisor in schools.

Nur Baeyah Rosli

Student Health Advisor, Nursing and Clinical Standards
Yeo Zhiling, Jo-Ann - Manager, Physical Activity & Weight Management

I get to be at the forefront of nationwide initiatives which directly impact citizens’ lives. I’m also privileged to be exposed to HPB’s multi-faceted work like strategic planning and programme design.

Yeo Zhiling, Jo-Ann

Manager, Policy & Strategy Development
Han Kok Teng - Manager, Population Health Services

We get to work across project teams in HPB and this really gives me the opportunity to experience the work in different departments and teams. Besides my main portfolio in the Healthy Lifestyle Centre, I also worked with the Obesity Prevention Management team. One of the projects that I was involved in was a video shoot on some of the simple exercises which HPB is promoting to the residents.

Han Kok Teng

Senior Manager, Health Screening & Management
Lee Wenhui - Dental Therapist, School Dental Services

I enjoy promoting oral health to the public. I find that this job gives me a sense of satisfaction, especially to see the joy and happiness in children. I am glad to see them becoming more cooperative towards dental treatment. And it is great to see them smiling with healthy teeth and coming to look for me during their recess time

Lee Wenhui

Senior Dental Therapist, School Dental Service
Lum Wai Teng - Assistant Director, Procurement

We focus on “what we can do” rather than “what we cannot do”. This spirit has brought about effective team collaboration and communication.

Lum Wai Lang

Assistant Director, Procurement