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Singapore HEALTH Award

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The Singapore HEALTH Award is a national platform that celebrates commendable health promotion achievements of health-promoting partners across three outreach settings – Pre-schools, Workplaces and the Community. The next cycle of the Awards will be in 2024 and the call for applications will happen in early 2024.

[For Schools - Healthy Pre-Schools (Platinum) awards]

This award recognizes pre-schools that have been accredited “Platinum” consecutively for three cycles under HPB’s Healthy Pre-school Accreditation Framework. Awardees have provided a supportive environment to ensure that pre-schoolers have access to healthy meals and active lifestyles in school, implemented interventions to help pre-schoolers maintain a healthy weight, as well as capacity-building initiatives for parents, teachers and staff members.

SHA Webpage 18 Feb

[For Workplaces – Organisational Champion awards]

This award recognizes companies from both private and public sectors, SMEs and non-SMEs, as well as landlords and developers; for their efforts in bringing health and wellness programmes to workplaces, making healthy living more accessible to half a million workers in Singapore. To elevate the prestige of the awards in SHA 2022, the recognition structure comprises these categories:

Organisational Champions
  • The evaluation is a benchmark process amongst the submissions in each SHA cycle, and not based on prescribed or definite “best practices”
Achievement Award
  • Seeks to recognize companies that have displayed all-roundedness in health promotion
  • Companies must have been awarded “Excellence” for the last 2 consecutive SHA cycles (i.e SHA 2017 and 2019)
  • Recipients of two consecutive “Achievement” awards will be exempted from SHA for the next two cycles, and can only apply on the third cycle
Excellence Award
  • Seeks to recognize companies that have displayed health promotion efforts in most, if not all, health categories
  • There is evidence of efforts in all the components of evaluation: Positioning of Workplace Health, Programme Planning, Programme Comprehensiveness, and Evaluation

Past Workplace award winners can be found here.

[For Community - Health Ambassador Recognition awards]

This award recognizes Health Ambassadors who contributed significantly to the promotion of healthy living in the community. Their contributions include organising health-related interest groups as well as supporting community mental well-being initiatives to equip Singaporeans with tips and knowledge on healthy living.

Other than their health promoting work in the community, HAs also have a direct role in collaboration with regional health services (RHSes) and in engaging patients with exercises and talks.

Compulsory Complementary (Any one of the following)
1. More than 5 years of active volunteering with HPB – deployed at least 4 times a year
  1. Led at least 1 interest group and sustained interest group activities with at least 24 sessions between 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2021

  2. Led at least 1 interest group and sustained interest group activities with at least 24 sessions between 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2021

2. More than 80 hours of deployment (virtual / face-to-face) between 1 Jan 2021 to 31 May 2022.
3. More than 16 hours of deployment in community initiatives to raise awareness of mental well-being using HPB resources between 1 Jan to 31 May 2022

For information on SHA 2022, please head to: SHA 2022: Recognising Inclusivity In Health

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