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3 Insider Tips To Boost Employee Productivity

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Find out how you can attract and retain the best talent for your company! 

While salary is a major consideration for many employees looking for a job, for many jobseekers, recent surveys increasingly point towards personal well-being, job fulfilment and a great company culture as key reasons why people stick around or choose an employer over others.

This is certainly great news if you are looking to solve the manpower crunch for your growing business. Even without deep pockets, there are other effective ways to attract the best talents on the market.

Cultivating a family-like workplace, taking care of your staff and engaging them to maximise their potential, are some of the things you can do. One cost-effective way you can invest in your staff’s personal development is through implementing a health at work programme.

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The Health Promotion Board’s Workplace Outreach Wellness (WOW) Package was launched to help companies implement impactful, accessible health programmes for your employees that are also highly cost-effective. Read on and see for yourself how business owner partners have benefited from our workplace health programmes, helping to ease their manpower woes and boost productivity!

Health is Wealth

As the saying goes, if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business. This is especially so if your employees have run your company for years, and retain a wealth of experience.

That’s why it was important to Rigel Technology, that the well-being of its staff was well taken care off.

Group CEO Christopher Ng said: “Human capital is our most important asset! As some of the staff have been with the company for more than the past 15 years and age is catching up, we are happy to play a part in helping them keep check on their health.”

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By implementation a health screening programme, it is also the company’s way of appreciating its long serving staff for their service through the decades.

Engage your Employees

Feeling engaged at work means employees get a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement. Naturally, productivity levels increase and creative juices flow better!

That being said, employees in Singapore were found to be the second least engaged in the region according to a survey conducted by Mercer Singapore in 2018.

If you are looking to change that at your workplace, it’s important to focus not just on corporate goals, but the personal development of your employees. With a health at work programme, it gives your teams a chance to bond with their colleagues and (temporarily!)  taking their mind off work stress.

This was exactly how Joanne Loo felt. Joanne, who is a Social Work Associate at Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital said: “Employees can save money, and it is also convenient as the location is in the office. We can get to know colleagues from other departments too.”

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CK Department Store Director, Ang Wei Xia also shared: “With the programme, we are able to provide a complimentary basic health screening to our employees and organise several health talk sessions co-funded by HPB”.

Up Your Team’s Productivity

A healthy lifestyle and positive mindset is another way you can help your staff achieve their fullest potential. While your guidance and mentorship can equip them with on-the-job skills and capabilities, caring about their all-rounded well-being can also go a long way, and prevent burnout from work.

Said Pon Asia’s President, Sim Bee Lim: “(HPB’s workplace health programme) is an opportunity for us to introduce a better sense of fitness, a better sense of healthy living and a better sense of maintaining a better lifestyle for the employees. Healthier employees and happier employees are always good for the company.”

For companies like Pon Asia and many others, healthy employees mean that they are motivated and in great shape to take on the challenges of tomorrow!

Health is the new wealth, and there has never been a better time to invest in the health of your employees. Before you head off for that next meeting, why not check out how the WOW package can benefit you and your team today!

Interested in cultivating a healthy workplace? Check out this link for more information or register your interest here to get started!