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Healthier Ingredient Development Scheme

Go-to-Market Scheme

What is the Go-to-Market Scheme (GTMS)?

GTMS encourages food manufacturers to innovate and market a wider variety of healthier ingredients and products suited to local tastes, thus promoting the uptake of healthier ingredients into Singapore’s food service industry. All ingredient products under GTMS must be already certified with the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) and from the categories found here.

Separate applications should be submitted for each different Qualifying Ingredient Category, but more than one product per ingredient type may be included in a single application of the same Qualifying Ingredient Category.

Each product will be assessed independently for eligibility. The committed sales volume of a scheme participant’s qualifying products in each Qualifying Ingredient Category (i.e. healthier oil, wholegrain noodle, wholegrain rice, sugar-sweetened beverage, sauce and dessert) should however be combined.

Supplier A has healthier oil A, healthier oil B, wholegrain noodle C and wholegrain noodle D that have been HCS certified.

A single application should be submitted for healthier oils A and B, and sales for the healthier oil category will be based on combined sales volumes of healthier oils A and B.

A second application should be submitted for wholegrain noodles C and D together, and sales for the wholegrain noodle category will be based on combined sales volumes of wholegrain noodles C and D.

Each project’s qualifying period lasts for 1 year and can be renewed on a yearly basis.

What can GTMS support you in?

Marketing & Publicity

GTMS supports your marketing efforts to promote healthier ingredients and products to F&B operators in Singapore.

Supportable items include, but are not limited to:

  • Product sampling
  • Advertising
  • Cost of designing and printing marketing collaterals

Trade Promotion

GTMS supports your self-directed trade promotions to increase the receptivity of healthier ingredients and products by Singapore’s F&B operators.

Examples of trade promotion include, but are not limited to:

  • Trade discount
  • Bulk purchase rebates
  • Customer loyalty benefits

Ingredient Thematic Promotion
(Opt in basis)

This is part of HPB’s efforts to connect you with F&B Operators, to promote the use of your healthier ingredients into regular dishes and increase the availability of healthier options at selected F&B settings. Costs will be fully borne by HPB*.

Examples of ingredient thematic promotion includes, but are not limited to:

  • Hawker centre wholegrain activations
  • Food courts and restaurant chains wholegrain promotions
  • Loyalty schemes for regular purchase of healthier ingredients

*Terms and conditions apply.

How much will I receive under the GTMS?

There will be an overall cap of $300,000 across the categories of Marketing and Publicity and Trade Promotion. For these, HPB will fund up to 80% of the total qualifying project investment and scheme participants will co-pay the remaining 20% project cost. Scheme participants have the flexibility to utilise this $300,000 for 1 year.

For Ingredient Thematic Promotion, GTMS will fund up to 100%. Scheme participants need not apply for all supportable categories.

Scheme participants will need to submit a softcopy of the Quarterly Sales and Progress report as well as other required documents for the grant amount to be disbursed.

See here for frequently asked questions on GTMS.