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Smoking Cessation Programme

Studies have shown that among smokers who are aware of the dangers of tobacco usage, three out of four want to quit smoking. However, similar to people depending on an addictive drug, it is difficult for most tobacco users to quit on their own. These users require help and support to overcome their dependence on tobacco.

We have found that even very brief (1 minute) advice from physicians to stop smoking increases the success of a quit attempt by 2%. Hence, we have developed a smoking cessation training framework that equips aspiring professionals in the field of smoking cessation support, with the relevant knowledge, skills and information on counselling techniques as well as developments in the tobacco control sphere.

By signing up for these programmes, you, too, can help to make a difference in empowering fellow Singaporeans to start on their quit smoking journey!

Note: This course is currently undergoing programme review and there won’t be any sessions conducted for Level 2 and Level 3 in 2022. Please check back later for information on our website after August 2022.