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Essential Guide to Workplace Health Promotion

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As part of our continuing efforts to support you in promoting workplace health, we have produced the 'Essential Guide to Workplace Health Promotion: The ABC's of managing your organisation's programme'. This captures best practice guidelines on planning, implementation and evaluation of Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) programmes. It will explain technical jargon while providing essential survival tips, useful case studies, signature ready templates of policies, surveys and checklists.

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1. Programme Orientation (Understanding Workplace Health Promotion)

2. Programme Stages (Benchmarking Workplace Health Promotion Programme)

3. Programme Positioning (Securing Management Support)

4. Programme Organisation (Setting up Committee Structures)


5a. Programme Design (Uncovering true health needs)

5b. Programme Design (Choosing interventions that work)

5c. Programme Design (Writing a programme plan)


6. Marketing your Programme (Maximising participation)

7. Programme Implementation (Addressing FAQs on practical issues)

8. Programme Evaluation (Knowing if your programme works)

Disclaimer: These documents are provided solely as resources to help organisations build and sustain health promotion effects. Any other use, sale, or distribution is strictly prohibited. All information is copyrighted and protected by Health Promotion Board which retains exclusive rights to all content.