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List of Healthier Ingredient Suppliers

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These are some suppliers/manufacturers who are able to supply healthier ingredients such as healthier cooking oil, wholegrain rice, wholegrain noodles, lower-sugar beverage, lower-sugar dessert and sauces that comply with HPB’s Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) nutrition guidelines. This list comprises suppliers/manufacturers that are participating in the Healthier Ingredient Schemes.

Note: List of products may be subjected to changes. Please check with the supplier for updates.

Healthier Cooking Oil



Bunge Asia Pte Ltd Phyllis Chen 
Sales Manager
6730 6199
1. Farm Origin Blend of High Oleic Sunflower Oil
2. Farm Origin Blend of Sunflower Oil
3. Farm Origin Blend of Corn Oil
4. Blended of Canola Oil

Gan Hup Lee (1999) Pte Ltd

Jessica Gan

Head of Marketing
6741 2626
 1. 333 Super Refined Blended Vegetable Oil
JA Food Industries Albert Ng
9763 7935
1. Super Q Blended Vegetable Cooking Oil
2. JA Chef Super refined and deodorized palm olein & Canola Oil
3. JA Chef RBD Palm Olein and Canola
4. Lemon Brand Pure vegetable cooking oil
5. Great Chef Vegetable Cooking Oil
6. Lee Chef Vegetable Oil             
Lam Soon Singapore Pte Ltd Charissa Cheng
Product Manager
6768 7126
1. Sailing Boat Premium Cooking Oil
Ngo Chew Hong Edible Oil Pte Ltd Khoo H. M.
Local Sales Manager
9732 7681 / 6870 7431
1. OKI Blended Vegetable Oil
2. OKI Blended Cooking Oil (Red)
3. OKI Blended Cooking Oil
4. OKI Blended Cooking Oil (Sustainable Mass Balance Palm Oil)
5. OKI Blended Cooking Oil (Gold)
6. OKI Blended Cooking Oil (Orange)
7. OKI Blended Cooking Oil (Turquoise)
8. OKI Blended Cooking Oil (Orange RSPO), 17kg [RSPO (MB) Palm Oil]
9. OKI Blended Cooking Oil (Orange RSPO), 17kg [RSPO (SG) Palm Oil]
Sengkang Trading Enterprise Pte Ltd Maurice Kieo
6481 7333  
1. Golden Medallion Blended Vegetable Oil
2. Golden Medallion Blended Vegetable Oil (Deep Frying)

Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd

Jerry Ng
Operation Manager
6756 6128

1. Tsuru Canola Blended Oil
2. Tsuru Sunflower Blended Oil
3. Rice Field 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil

Topseller Pte Ltd

Tresa Yong
Brand Executive
6877 8602

1. Golden Circle Blended Oil
2. Golden Circle 100% Pure Soyabean Oil
T & G Group Supplies Pte Ltd
Helen Chong

Sales Executive
6759 8486
1. 888 Healthier Blend Cooking Oil             
Wilmar Distribution Pte Ltd
Business Development Team

6216 0244
1. Neptune Blend of Palm & Canola Oil
2. Arawana Soybean Oil
3. Arawana Canola Oil
Wholegrain Noodles




Chye Choon Foods Pte Ltd

Tiffany Jiang

Business Development Manager
9187 5844/ 6283 5470
1. Golden leaf Brown Rice Noodle
2. Peacock Bird Brown Rice Vermicelli
Lam Soon Singapore Pte Ltd Shamela Sugumal
Brand Manager
6768 7180
1. Naturel Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Spaghetti
2. Naturel Organic Brown Rice Fusilli
3. Natural Organic Buckwheat Spaghetti
4. Naturel Organic 100% Buckwheat Casarecce
5. Naturel Organic 100% Brown Rice Casarecce
Leong Guan Food Manufacturer Pte Ltd Ivy Chan
Sales Manager
6754 7911/ 9677 5629
1. LG Wholegrain Noodle
2. LG Wholegrain Mee Kia
3. LG Wholegrain Mee Pok
4. LG Wholegrain Mee Tai Mak
5. LG Wholegrain Kway Teow
People Bee Hoon Factory Pte Ltd Desmond Goh
9663 9961
1. Chilli Brand Red Rice Vermicelli             

SW Foods International Pte Ltd

Daniel Ng

Regional General Manager
8406 8320

1. ecoBrown's Premiere Brown Rice Vermicelli
2. ecoBrown's Brown Rice Vermicelli
Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd Annie Tan
6445 2320
1. Kang Kang Wholegrain Bee Tai Mak
2. Kang Kang Wholegrain Kway Teow
3. Kang Kang Wholegrain Hokkien Noodles
4. Kang Kang Wholegrain Laksa
5. Kang Kang Wholegrain Express Meal Kit - Braised Mushroom Sauce Wholegrain Bee Tai Mak
6. Kang Kang Wholegrain Express Meal Kit - Chilli Crab Wholegrain Kway Teow
Wholegrain Rice



Gan Hup Lee (1999) Pte Ltd Jessica Gan
Head of Marketing
6741 2626
1. Golden Twin Stars Thai Hom Mali Brown Rice
2. Golden Twin Stars Mixed Red Rice
3. Golden Twin Stars Red Rice
4. Golden Twin Stars Tri-blended Rice
5. Golden Twin Stars Mixed Brown Rice
Hong Lian Gim Kee Wilson Er
Business Development Manager
9835 0723
1. PaddyKing Thai Brown Rice
2. PaddyKing Thai Red Cargo Rice
3. PaddyKing Thai Riceberry
4. PaddyKing Mixed Jasmine Rice
5. PaddyKing Tri-Color Wholegrain Rice
6. PaddyKing Pure Brown Rice
7. Golden Pineapple Brown Jasmine Rice
8. Golden Pineapple Red Cargo Rice
9. Dr Rice Thai Riceberry
Lam Soon Singapore Pte Ltd
Eden Koh
Senior Product Manager
6768 7120
1. Naturel Organic 100% Hom Mali Brown Rice
2. Naturel Organic Brown GABA and Riceberry Rice
3. Naturel Organic Hom Mali Mixed Brown and Red Rice

Ng Nam Bee Marketing Pte Ltd

Vincent Lui
Sales Manager
8874 1330 / 6757 0555

1. FlyingMan Brown Rice

Sengkang Trading Enterprise Pte Ltd

Maurice Kieo
6481 7333

1. Ho Kang Fragrant Brown Rice
2. Ho Kang Premium Brown Rice
3. Ho Kang Red Cargo Rice
4. Ho Kang Premium Red Cargo Rice
5. Ho Kang Red Rice
SW Foods International Daniel Ng
Regional General Manager
8406 8320 
1. justbrown’s Unpolished Brown Rice
2. justbrown’s Gold Wholegrain Rice Mix
3. justbrown’s Steam Brown Rice
4. ecoBrown’s Gold Mixed Wholegrain Rice
5. ecoBrown’s Steam Brown Rice
6. ecoBrown’s Unpolished Brown Rice
7. Fres-Harves Thai Red Unpolished Rice
8. ecoBrown’s Pusa Brown Basmathi Rice
9. ecoBrown’s Unpolished Brown Rice (original)
10. ecoBrown’s Softbrown Fine Brown Rice 
Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd Jerry Ng
Operation Director
6756 6128

1. Songhe Jasmine Brown Rice
2. Songhe Mixed Fragrant Rice + Noble Red Rice
3. Songhe Noble Brown Rice
4. Songhe Noble Red Rice
5. Songhe Noble Rice Berry
6. Kinmemai Better Brown Rice
Topseller Pte Ltd Melissa Kok
Assistant Brand Manager
6877 8645

1. Golden Peony Premium Thai Red Cargo Rice
2. Golden Peony Premium Red Rice
3. Golden Peony Premium Thai Hom Mali Brown Rice
4. OriGrains Organic Brown Rice
5. OriGrains Organic Rice Berry
6. OriGrains Brown Rice
7. OriGrains Red Cargo Rice
8. Royal Umbrella Thai Mix Rice
9. Royal Umbrella Thai Fragrant Brown Rice
Far Lee Pte Ltd Mark Low
9665 0030
1. Golden Hill Red Cargo Rice
2. Golden Hill Mixed Brown Rice
3. Golden Hill Black Rice
4. Golden Hill Brown Rice



Asia Farm Pte Ltd Wong Loke Hsien
Business Manager
9664 6781 
1. Blackcurrant Cordial
2. Purple Tea Peach Concentrate
3. Thai Tea Concentrate
4. Peach Tea Concentrate
5. Premium Fruit Punch Juice Concentrate
6. Orange Cordial
7. Blueberry Yogurt Flavoured Concentrate
8. Premium Apple Juice Concentrate (BF)
9. Lemon Tea Concentrate
10. Calamansi Juice Concentrate
11. Natural Brewed Lemon Tea Drink
12. Blueberry Juice Concentrate
13. Natural Brewed Roselle Juice
14. Natural Brewed Herbal Tea Drink
15. Natural Brewed Winter Melon Drink
16. Natural Brewed Sour Plum Juice
17. Natural Brewed Barley Drink
18. Water chestnut & Sugarcane
19. Premium Orange Juice Concentrate (BF)
20. White Peach Tea Concentrate
21. Lemon Blastz Concentrate
22. Grape Punch Flavoured concentrate
23. Premium Pineapple Juice Concentrate
Faesol Pte Ltd Jonathan Cheah
Director, Business Development
6898 3698 (Ext. 16)
1. iLite Water Chestnut Drink
2. iLite Pearl Barley
3. iLite Roselle Drink
4. iLite Iced Lemon Tea
5. iLite Citrus Burst
6. iLite Wintermelon
7. iLite Peach Lemonade
8. iLite Wintermelon Sugarcane
9. iLite Lemongrass Pandan
10. iLite Grapefruit Pomelo
11. iLite Yuzu
12. iLite Absolute Fruit
13. iLite Blue Pea Drink
14. iLite Straits Brew Lemongrass Pandan
15. iLitee Straits Brew Pearl Barley
16. iLite Organic Soymilk
17. iLite Organic Soy with Black Sesame
18. iLite Nanyang Coffee
19. iLite Jasmine Green Tea
20. iLite Black Tea
21. iLite Oolong Tea
22. iLite Chrysanthemun Tea
23. iLite Zero Fruit Punch
24. iLite Zero Lemonade
25. iLite Zero Passionfruit
26. iLite Zero Pomegranate
27. iLite Zero Iced Lemon Tea
28. iLite Zero Mixed Berries 
King Juice Manufacturing Pte Ltd Wong Shih Ming
Production Manager
8222 4539
1. Rose Concentrate
2. Water Chestnut Concentrate
3. Calamansi Concentrate
4. Barley Concentrate
5. Honeydew Concentrate
6. Sweetcorn Concentrate
7. Birdnest Concentrate
8. Lychee Concentrate
9. Fruit Punch Concentrate
10. Lemon Juice Concentrate
11. Orange Juice Concentrate
12. Guava Concentrate
13. Plum Juice Concentrate             
Natural Fruits and Drinks Pte Ltd Angel Toh
6756 1711
1. Everyday Light Lemon Tea Flavoured Cordial
2. Everyday Light Pineapple Flavoured Cordial
3. Everyday Light Orange Flavoured Cordial
4. Everyday Light Lemon Flavoured Cordial
5. Everyday Light Lemon Barley Flavoured Cordial
6. Everyday Light Soursop Flavoured Cordial
7. Everyday Light Strawberry Flavoured Cordial
8. Everyday Light Mango Flavour Cordial
9. Everyday Light Apple Flavoured Cordial
10. Everyday Light Lychee Flavoured Cordial
11. Everyday Light Fruit Punch Flavoured Cordial
12. Everyday Light Calamansi Juice Concentrate
13. Everyday Light Water Chestnut Juice Concentrate
14. Everyday Light Sour Plum Juice Concentrate
15. Everyday Light Winter Melon Premix
16. Everyday Light Rose Syrup
17. Everyday Products Lemon Tea Flavoured Cordial
18. Everyday Products Pineapple Flavoured Cordial
19. Everyday Products Orange Flavoured Cordial
20. Everyday Products Lemon Flavoured Cordial
21. Everyday Products Lemon Barley Flavoured Cordial
22. Everyday Products Soursop Flavoured Cordial
23. Everyday Products Strawberry Flavoured Cordial
24. Everyday Products Mango Flavour Cordial
25. Everyday Products Lychee Flavoured Cordial
26. Everyday Products Fruit Punch Flavoured Cordial
27. Everyday Products Rose Syrup
28. Everyday Products Rose Flavour Cordial Syrup



L&H Food Enterprise Pte Ltd Glen Lee Tong Liang
9107 4107/ 9008 8588
1. Frozt Mango Popsicle
2. Frozt Strawberry Popsicle
3. Frozt Mixed Berries Popsicle
4. Frozt Avocado Popsicle
5. Frozt Soursop Popsicle
6. Frozt Peach Popsicle
7. Frozt Coconut Popsicle
8. Frozt Orange Popsicle
9. Frozt Pineapple Popsicle



Chuen Cheong Food Industries Pte Ltd Ang Wei Kok
Business Development Manager
6285 1501
1. Tiger Brand Super Grade Dark Soya Sauce
2. Tiger Brand Special Grade Dark Soya Sauce
3. Tiger Brand Top Quality Dark Soya Sauce
4. Tiger Brand Premium Dark Soya Sauce
5. Tiger Brand Reduced Salt Dark Soya Sauce
6. Tiger Brand Reduced Salt Light Soya Sauce
7. Vegetarian Oyster Sauce
8. Premium Oyster Sauce
Sim Soon Heng Cooking Ingredients Pte Ltd Winlin Ng
8118 3955
1. SSH Oyster Flavoured Sauce
2. SSH Oyster Flavoured Sauce (Vegetarian)
3. SSH Dark Soya Sauce (Light)
4. SSH Dark Soya Sauce (Brown)
5. SSH Dark Soya Sauce (Colour)
6. SSH Tomato Sauce
7. SSH Chicken Garlic Chilli Sauce
8. SSH Ginger Sauce
9. SSH Red Sauce
10. SSH Dark Soya Sauce (Red)
11. SSH Black Sauce- Lower in Sugar
12. SSH Light Soya Sauce (Less Salt)
13. SSH Light Soya Sauce (Sin-Less Salt)
14. SSH Chilli Crab Sauce Premium (Lower in Sodium)
15. SSH Oyster Flavoured Sauce (Premium)
16. SSH Tomato sauce (Special)
17. SSH Spicy Seafood sauces (Premium)
18. SSH Black Pepper Sauce (Premium)
19. SSH Salted Egg Sauce (Premium)
20. SSH Marinade Sauce
21. Dark Soya Sauce (Premium)
Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd Claire Chng
6755 2262
1. Yusheng Sauce (Sin Hwa Dee Brand)
2. Yusheng Sauce (Harvest Brand)
3. Yusheng Sauce (Chef Chen Brand)
4. Yusheng Sauce (Fortune Brand)
5. Yusheng Sauce (Happy Family Brand)
6. Chng Kee’s Kung Bo Sauce
7. Chng Kee’s Satay Sauce
8. Sin Hwa Dee Dark Soya Sauce
9. Chng Kee’s Sambal Belacan Chilli Paste
10. Chng Kee’s Oyster Sauce
11. Chng Kee’s Mee Rebus Paste
12. Chng Kee’s Mee Siam Paste
13. Chng Kee’s Curry Paste 
14. Sin Hwa Dee Dark Soya Sauce 018
15. Sin Hwa Dee Dark Soya Sauce 118
16. Sin Hwa Dee Oyster Flavoured Sauce 028
17. Chng Kee’s Laksa Paste (R)
18. Chng Kee's Sambal Oelek
19. Chng Kee’s Black Pepper Sauce
20. Sin Hwa Dee Light Soya Sauce 003T+
21. Chng Kee’s Laksa Paste
22. Sin Hwa Dee Dark Soya Sauce 013
23. Sin Hwa Dee Oyster Flavoured Sauce 024
24. Sin Hwa Dee Light Soya Sauce 005S+
25. Sin Hwa Dee Vegetarian Oyster Sauce 026
26. Sin Hwa Dee Plum paste (PLP)
27. Sin Hwa Dee Dark Soya Sauce 120
28. Sin Hwa Dee Dark Soya Sauce 119
29. Sin Hwa Dee Special Oyster Sauce 023
30. Sin Hwa Dee Special Oyster Sauce 029
31. Chng Kee’s Mee Soto Paste
32. Chng Kee’s Rendang Paste
33. Chng Kee’s Tom Yam Paste
34. Chng Kee’s Nyonya Steam Fish Chilli Sauce
35. Chng Kee’s Masala Paste
36. Chng Kee’s Singapore Chilli Crab Sauce
Chung Hwa Food Industries Pte Ltd Lim Hao Cheng
Assistant Manager
6481 3300
1. Chung Hwa Oyster Flavour Sauce
2. Chung Hwa Tomato Flavour Sauce
3. Chung Hwa Vegetarian Oyster Sauce
4. Chung Hwa Yong Tau Foo Sauce
5. Chung Hwa Hoisin Sauce
6. Chung Hwa Super Dark Soy Sauce (Red)
7. Chung Hwa Chee Cheong Fun Sauce
8. Chung Hwa Chicken Rice Soya Sauce
9. Chung Hwa Premium Oyster Sauce
10. Chung Hwa Super Dark Soy Sauce (Red)
Jia Sai
11. Food People White Sesame Paste
Tai Hua Food Industries Pte Ltd Ariel Pek
Business Management, Assistant
6265 9911
1. Tai Hua Reduced Salt Light Soy Sauce
2. Tai Hua Seafood Soy Sauce
3. Tai Hua Lite Light Soy Sauce
4. Tai Hua Lite Dark Soy Sauce
5. Tai Hua Lite Premium Dipping Sauce
6. Tai Hua Lite Teriyaki Sauce
Onya Food Pte Ltd Zan Ho
General Manager
8716 2466             
1. O'nya Buah Keluak Nyonya Paste
2. O'nya Assam Pedas Nyonya Paste
3. O'nya Chilli Crab Nyonya Paste
4. O'nya Curry Nyonya Paste
5. O'nya Laksa Nyonya Paste
6. O'nya Rendang Nyonya Paste
7. O'nya Sambal Nyonya Paste
8. O'nya Sambal Tumis Nyonya Paste
Lam Soon Singapore Pte Ltd Shamela Sugumal
Brand Manager
6768 7180    
1. Naturel Organic Tomato with Mushroom Pasta Sauce
2. Naturel Organic Tomato with Pepper Pasta Sauce
3. Naturel Organic Tomato with Basil Pasta Sauce
4. Naturel Organic Tomato with Kale Pasta Sauce
Other Wholegrain Products



Lim Kee Foods Manufacturing Pte Ltd Ang Khim Wee
Head, Business Development
6758 5858
1. Lim Kee BBQ Chicken Char Siew Bun
2. Lim Kee Curry Chicken Bun
3. Lim Kee Red Bean Bun
4. Lim Kee Yam Bun
5. Lim Kee Lotus Paste Bun
6. Lim Kee Mantou
7. Lim Kee Chicken Bun
8. Lim Kee Pumpkin Pau
9. Lim Kee Salted Tau Sar Pau
10. Lim Kee Sesame Chicken Rice
11. Lim Kee Chicken Glutinous Rice
12. Lim Kee Lotus Leaf Rice
13. Lim Kee Char Siew Rice

You Tiao Man Pte Ltd
Audrey Chew
6256 7288 / 9299 6251

1. Wholegrain You Tiao
2. Mini Wholegrain You Tiao
Tat Hui Foods Pte Ltd Leow Mei Jiao
Sales Coordinator 
6261 1010 Ext 20, 
1. Koka Purple Wheat Noodles - Homestyle Braised Duck Flavour
2. Koka Purple Wheat Noodles Aglio Olio Flavour
3. Koka Purple Wheat Noodles Chili & Lime Flavour
4. Koka Purple Wheat Noodles Soy and Vinegar Flavour
5. Koka Baked Multigrain Noodles with Purple Corn – Five Spiced Duck Flavour
6. Koka Baked Multigrain Noodles with Purple Corn – Pepper Crab Flavour
7. Koka Baked Multigrain Noodles with Purple Corn – Hot Mala Tofu Flavour
8. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) cup- Chicken Flavour
9. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) cup- Green Curry Flavour
10. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) cup- Mushroom Miso Flavour
11. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) cup- Spicy Tomato Flavour
12. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup- Chicken Flavour
13. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup- Green Curry Flavour
14. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup-Mushroom Miso Flavour
15. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup- Spicy Tomato Flavour
16. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup- Chicken Flavour
17. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup- Laksa Singapura Flavour
18. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup- Spicy Black Pepper Flavour
19. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup-Spicy Sesame Flavour
20. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup-Tomato Flavour
21. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup- Vegetable Curry Flavour
22. Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles (with Oats & Barley) Cup- Truffle Mushroom Flavour
23. Creamy Chicken Crushed Noodles Soup
24. Creamy Curry Crushed Noodles Soup
25. Creamy Hot & Sour Crushed Noodles Soup 
26. Creamy Mushroom Crushed Noodles Soup
27. Creamy Sweet Corn Crushed Noodles Soup
28. Creamy Vegetable Crushed Noodles Soup
Prima Limited Steven Yeo 
General Manager
1. Superfine Wholegrain Flour Unbleached 
2. Wholegrain Flour-Unbleached
3. Wholegrain Flour- Coarse
4. Wholegrain Flour- Fine
5. Wholegrain Flour- Superfine
Table Salt



IMI Lifestyle Products Pte Ltd Goh Chiew Seng
6276 6180
1. Good Salt Reduce Sodium
2. GoodSalt K-Salt
Ken Hong Seng Pte
Gladys Yong
6755 5733/ 9155 5733
1. Three Eagles Brand Fine Iodized Salt
(Lower in Sodium)
NutriRight Pte Ltd Mr Shaun Jalleh
Business Development
8751 6040
1. NutriRight Reduced Sodium Pink Himalayan Rock Salt
2. NutriRight Reduced Sodium Australian Sea Salt 

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