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Healthy Meals in Schools Programme

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The Healthy Meals in Schools Programme encourages healthier food and beverage choices in schools. We achieve this through an integrated programme involving teachers, canteen vendors and students. We also work together with the Ministry of Education to actively encourage participation. This programme aims to help students cultivate healthy eating habits right from their youth.

Programme criteria

Under this programme, canteen vendors need to follow food service guidelines. These include:

  • Cutting down fat, sugar and sodium
  • Serving wholegrain, fruit and vegetables
  • Serving healthy set meals
    • These meals incorporate food from the four main food groups – brown rice, wholemeal bread, meat and others, vegetable and fruit. These help students receive the appropriate nutrients necessary for their growing needs.

You can take a look at the detailed criteria for this programme or at the frequently asked questions for more information.

Our assigned nutritionists and dietitians will also assess participating schools and a report will be provided to guide canteen vendors to meet the programme’s guidelines. 

Support for schools

We support participating schools through the following ways:

  • Guiding the School Canteen Committee in monitoring the food and beverages sold.
  • Providing educational resources to encourage healthier eating among students.
  • Providing canteen vendors with suitable advice for the provision of healthier meals using healthier ingredients.

For reference, we have also compiled:

  • HMSP Suppliers List that provide healthier ingredients              
    (*Application received on the last week of the month will be evaluated in the following month. HPB reserves the rights on evaluation period and outcome of all evaluation).
  • A School Beverage List allowed for sale in schools
  • A video on new and creative healthier cooking practices by HMSP canteen vendors
  • A list of healthy recipes for canteen vendors
  • E-posters on healthy eating
Application and further enquiries

For more information or to register for this programme, you can email