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Sample Smoke-free Workplace Policy

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Company X acknowledges that its employees are its most important resource.

Company X is committed to implementing an integrated workplace health promotion programme that encourages and enables employees to achieve an optimum level of physical, mental and social well-being.

Company X believes that exposure of employees who do not smoke to second-hand smoke is harmful to health. Breathing in second-hand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, and is dangerous for people with existing lung or heart conditions.

Company X believes that maximising employee health and well-being is beneficial to all and contribute to achieving our business objectives.


This policy aims to limit the employees’ exposure to tobacco smoke and to impart clear messages about the dangers of exposure to tobacco smoke. In accordance with the latest amendment on 15th January 2013 to the Smoking Act and the Smoking (Prohibition in certain places) Notification and Company X’s workplace health promotion programme, Company X aims to provide all employees and visitors to Company X with a smoke-free environment. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas specified below, away from areas with human traffic.

In addition, Company X is implementing strategies to encourage and support employees who smoke to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked and to ultimately quit smoking. This may involve steps to eventually remove the designated smoking area in the near future.


  • Designated smoking area - a designated outdoor smoking area (optional).
  • Smoke-free areas - all areas, other than the designated smoking area, if any.


All persons on the company premises; All employees and visitors should abide by the smoke-free workplace policy.


Management will take an active role to:

  • promote compliance of the policy in the respective departments that they oversee
  • contribute ideas on how to improve and promote the smoke-free workplace policy
  • implement smoke-free initiatives and activities that help employees to quit smoking.

Employees are required to comply with Company X’s policy on smoking and are encouraged to offer social support to employees who are trying to quit smoking. Employees are also encouraged to take an active role to suggest ways of decreasing the number of employees who smoke in the company.

Employees who smoke are encouraged to take advantage of health programmes, activities and resources provided to them as part of the workplace health promotion programme.

Security staff are to encourage the observance of the policy.

Workplace health promotion committee members are to monitor and evaluate effectiveness of the policy, promote the use of quit smoking services and implement quit smoking interventions/ activities identified in the workplace health promotion programme plan.

Estate management will put up signages to identify the designated smoking and non smoking areas.


With effect from ________, smoking at Company X will be restricted to specifically designated outdoor areas only.

Smoking is permitted only in the following areas (optional):

  1. __________________________________
  2. __________________________________
  3. __________________________________

Unless otherwise indicated, all areas of the company are designated smoke-free areas. This includes air conditioned areas, enclosed non-air conditioned common areas (e.g. stairwells, washrooms), non-enclosed, non-air conditioned common areas (e.g. corridors, open-air lobbies), as well as areas within 5 metres of Entrances and Exits.

Designated smoking areas shall be appropriately marked with signs in English and other commonly used languages.

Cigarette butts are to be placed in the litter bins provided. Sale of tobacco is banned at the company premises. 

Feedback regarding non-compliance of policy shall be directed to Security or Human Resource Manager.

Policy Date:

Policy Review Date:



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